Fly an Aeroplane

Aircraft_locations5Imagine taking to the skies, flying with the birds and getting up close to the clouds. A flying lesson is an experience everyone should try at least once, and makes the ideal gift for any special occasion, whether for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or just to say thank you. Choose from the experiences below and treat yourself or a friend to the incredible gift of flight.

More than just a gift!
If you enjoy your lesson and decide to continue to learn to fly, then your first flight will count towards the hours required to gain your Private Pilot’s Licence!

Choose from the following locations:
Oxfordshire (near Oxford), Gloucester, Warwickshire (near Stratford-upon-Avon), Milton Keynes, Wales (Cardiff), Nottingham, Sheffield and Coventry. (Please check the location tab on each experience for exact locations)


London Flying Experience – 30 minutes

See London from the air including the City of London, Harry Potter studio tour, M25 and the Herefordshire countryside.

Nationwide Flying Experience – 15 minutes

The perfect taster flight, this short flying lesson is a great introduction to the thrill of flying.

Nationwide Flying Lesson – 30 minutes

This half-hour flight gives you enough time to enjoy the scenery and have a go at the controls.

Nationwide Flying Lesson – 60 minutes

This hour-long flight gives you more time to learn to fly and admire the views.

Oxfordshire Flying Experience – 20 minutes

Can’t decide between powered aircraft or gliding? Why not try both all in the same flight!

Oxfordshire Flying Experience – 30 minutes

Can’t decide whether you’d prefer a powered flight or gliding? You can do both and be airborne for longer!