Helicopter Flight – 60 Minutes


The Experience
We highly recommend this lesson for a comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of helicopters. With an hour in the aircraft, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to handle the two-seater helicopter yourself, with a CAA-qualified instructor right by your side. After a full briefing on how helicopters fly, you’ll be shown around the aircraft and the controls will be explained to you. Then you’ll experience the thrill of vertical take-off as you rise off the ground and admire the views. After that it’s your turn to take control and fly the helicopter yourself – you may even get to have a go at the tricky hover manoeuvre!

More than just a gift!
Once you’re back on the ground, your instructor will de-brief you on the flight and explain to you how to progress to holding a PPL (Helicopters), because your flight counts towards your the hours needed to get your licence if you want to progress your flying further.