Gliding Course


The Experience
This Gliding Mini Course offers great value for money and a comprehensive introduction to gliding. With 6,000ft of airtime split across several flights, you’ll have loads of opportunity to fly the glider yourself and start learning to fly.

Depending on the location you fly at, your 6,000ft height allowance can be used on aerotow (towed up behind a tug plane) or by taking winch launches (an exhilarating launch method involving being pulled airborne by 3,000ft of steel cable travelling at 70mph), or a combination of the two. Each winch launch counts as 1,000ft and an Aerotow as 2,000ft or 3,000ft from this allowance.

The course duration is between half or a whole day depending on the location you book at.

More than just a gift!
The flying in this course will count towards gaining a Glider Pilot’s License.