Gliding Aerotow – 3,000ft


Your Experience
In this extended gliding experience, you’ll be launched behind a tow plane in a two-seater glider with a fully qualified instructor to a height of 3,000ft. This flight allows you much more time in the air, giving you a more comprehensive introduction to gliding.

Once released from the tow plane you will be gliding, and you can sit back and enjoy almost silent flight. Depending on the weather conditions, your instructor will try and catch a thermal, which will extend the length of your flight, and then you will be allowed to take the controls and have a go at flying a glider yourself!

More than just a gift!
If you enjoy your flight you will be able to fly again with three months’ FREE gliding club membership, which gives you access to preferential member flying rates.

Lee says: ‘This experience is great value for money, as the extra height gives you time to settle into the flight and have plenty of time flying the glider yourself.’