Oxfordshire Flying Experience – 20 minutes


The Experience
If you can’t decide between gliding and powered aircraft, why not have it all! With our amazing Best of Both Gliding and Powered experiences, you’ll take off in an aeroplane and land in a glider!

You’ll fly in a motorglider, which is a cross between a glider and a normal light aircraft. It looks a lot like a normal aeroplane, but with longer wings that mean you can turn the engine off and treat it exactly like a glider. It’s a lot quieter without that noisy engine!

During this 20-minute flight you’ll enjoy a double dose of excitement, starting with taking off as you would in a normal light aircraft, and then gliding slowly back down to the ground. If you’re a little nervous on the day, it’s fine to ask your instructor to keep the engine on. Either way, you’ll learn to fly the aircraft and there will even be time for some sight-seeing. If you live locally, you could even fly over your house!