Boeing Stearman

Boeing Stearman – 30 minutes
Boeing Stearman – 45 minutes
Boeing Stearman – 60 minutes

Your Experience
This stunning experience gives you the chance to taste the American dream. The Boeing Stearman, often referred to as the American Tiger Moth, is a fabulous open-cockpit aircraft that allows your hair to blow in the wind whilst you sit back and enjoy flying a piece of aviation history.  The Boeing Stearman was used as a primary training aircraft by the U.S army corps and U.S navy before and during WWII.

When you arrive you’ll head to your aircraft with you fully qualified instructor for a pre-flight briefing, then climb aboard and get ready to power down the runway and hear the roar of the giant radial engine! Once you’ve climbed away from the airfield your instructor will show you how to fly this amazing aircraft. This is truly a step back in time and a flight not to be missed.

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