Aerobatics – 60 minutes


The Experience
Ever wondered what it would be like to fly an airplane upside down? Well now’s your perfect chance to find out! With an hour in an aerobatic aircraft with a professional instructor you can cover nearly all the manoeuvres you have ever wanted to do:  loops, rolls, spins – you name it, we can probably do it!

All aerobatic flights are with an experienced instructor and include a comprehensive pre-flight briefing during which all the controls will be explained.  Once airborne, your instructor will show you around the local area and teach you the basic handling of the aircraft. Later in the flight your instructor will demonstrate the aerobatic manoeuvres and give you the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself.

This longer flight allows demonstration of a full aerobatic display sequence. Alternatively, you can concentrate on one simple manoeuvre and learn to fly it yourself.