Aerobatics – 25 minutes


The Experience
During this exhilarating 25-minute aerobatic flight, your instructor will show you how to fly a loop and a roll, the two manoeuvres that form the basis for all aerobatic flight.

Aerobatic flight is probably one of the most exciting of flying experiences. Our aircraft are fully aerobatic and are capable of extreme aerobatic manoeuvres – not for the faint-hearted!

On the day of your aerobatic flight you will receive a comprehensive pre-flight briefing, during which all the controls will be explained. You’ll fly with an experienced instructor, and once airborne your instructor will demonstrate the aerobatic manoeuvres and give you the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself.

Subject to availability, it will normally be possible to upgrade your gift certificate to a longer flight when booking your experience by paying any price difference.