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Bucket List Ideas: Flying Lessons

Do you have a bucket list? In case you haven’t heard of one, it’s a list of experiences you want to have before you ‘kick the bucket’. Here at Air Experiences we’ve flown loads of people who want to tick flying off their bucket list, but with so many different ways of doing it, it can be tricky deciding which is best for you. Can’t make up your mind? Why not try them all!

Light aircraft flying lesson


The classic flying lesson, a flight in a light aircraft ticks all the boxes. Depending on the length of the flight, you should be able to have a go at flying the plane yourself, and depending on the aircraft, you might even be able to take a friend or relative along to sit in the back on your flight.

Helicopter lesson

Learn to fly a Helicopter

Vertical take-off, hovering, even flying backwards: there’s not much a helicopter can’t do, and flying one is, for most of us, a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Gliding lesson


If you like the sound of back-to-basics flying, a glider flight could be for you. There’s no engine – just the power of the sun and wind to keep you airborne. Without the noise of an engine, gliding is more peaceful than powered flight, and with two different launch methods to choose from (the exhilarating winch launch or more sedate aerotow), you have a couple of different options for your bucket list if you go down the gliding route.

Motorglider lesson


If you like the sound of gliding, but you prefer your aircraft to have an engine, motorgliding offers the best of both worlds. Motorgliders have an engine and propeller like a light aircraft, but long wings like a glider. That means they can get themselves off the ground and fly around just like a normal powered aircraft, but you also have the option of turning the engine off in flight, at which point the aircraft becomes a glider. On our best of both flying experiences, you’ll take off as a normal plane would and at some point in your flight your instructor will turn off the engine and you’ll experience gliding. Depending on the conditions, you’ll either glide back to the airfield or your instructor will turn the engine on again for the final part of your flight.

Vintage aircraft

1000 Pixel Wide Yellow Moth Finals at Kemble

Image: Air Frames Imaging

Fancy taking to the skies in a historic biplane? Choose a flight in a vintage aircraft and experience flying as Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart would have known it. If you can’t decide between vintage or modern aircraft, you can even do a bit of both with our Vintage and Modern flying experiences.



Up the adrenaline level with an aerobatic flight and you’ll experience a few more G than you would on a straight and level flight. From an introductory loop and roll to a full-blown aerobatic flight sequence, our aerobatic flight experiences are the ultimate bucket list item.

Get a PPL

So what happens if you go on your flying lesson and you end up loving it so much that you can’t wait to go back for more? Well, you could always start training for your pilot’s licence! Your first flying experience counts towards your PPL, and getting your licence is more affordable than you might think. Find out more about getting your PPL and contact our sister company MotorGlide to discuss an affordable way of learning to fly.


Flying lessons near Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is a historic town in south Warwickshire, most famous for being the birthplace of the playwright William Shakespeare. Seeing Stratford-upon-Avon from the air, you can really get a sense of the local area and the surrounding villages, which Shakespeare would have known. Here’s a taster of the Shakespearean places you can spot on a flying lesson from our airfields near Stratford-upon-Avon.

The timber-framed building you can see on the busy street in this photo is where Shakespeare was born. Stratford has several other residences associated with Shakespeare, including Hall’s Croft, the home of the playwright’s daughter, and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, where Shakespeare courted his future wife. New Place, Shakespeare’s final home, no longer stands, but you might be able to spot the pretty gardens under which the foundations remain.


The church spire in the foreground of this photo is that of Holy Trinity, Shakespeare’s final resting place. The distinctive brick and glass tower a little further up the river is part of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the world-renowned venue of the Royal Shakespeare Company.


This beautiful stately home is Charlecote Park, the Jacobean country house in the grounds of which Shakespeare is said to have poached deer. There’s still a big herd of deer resident at Charlecote, and you might spot them grazing among the trees.


This is Ettington Park Hotel, where Shakespeare is said to have stayed with friends when it was a private house. The hotel, at Alderminster near Stratford-upon-Avon, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the country. Another interesting fact: it’s where our company founders got married!


If you’d like to see Stratford-upon-Avon from the air, our flying experiences depart from our local bases at Long Marston and Wellesbourne and take in all these Shakespearean sights and more. Book your flying lesson in Stratford-upon-Avon and you can spend the rest of your day exploring the local area and dining at one of Stratford’s many great restaurants. It’s a great day out for all the family, and you can even bring them along to watch you fly!


Searching for a last-minute Valentine’s gift?

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day – didn’t that come round quick? If you’re still not sure to get your beloved this year, there’s no need to resort to boring old flowers or chocolates. Treat them to a flying lesson instead and you’ll score major brownie points with an experience they’ll never forget.


If you’re feeling flush, a half-hour helicopter lesson is sure to go down a treat, but we’ve plenty of more affordable options for those of you on a budget. With microlight flights for as little as £45, light aircraft flying lessons from £50 and gliding experiences from £49, there’s lots to choose from. You could even treat them to a day out at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, which includes a flight in an original 1930s Tiger Moth biplane for those looking to conjure up the romance of old-school aviation glamour.

Order your voucher today and we’ll get an evoucher to you in plenty of time for you to pop it into your Valentine’s card for a wonderful surprise when they wake up on Saturday morning. We can even personalise the voucher for you for a truly thoughtful gift! So what are you waiting for? Browse our flying experiences and order the perfect Valentine’s gift now!


Treat someone to a flight this Christmas

The Christmas orders are already starting to roll in here at Air Experiences, so we thought we’d give you some inspiration if you’re thinking about buying a flying lesson for someone this Christmas. We have a great choice of experiences suitable for all your friends and family, so if you’re struggling to think of what to buy for someone, have a read of this guide and find the perfect gift for the person who has everything…

Light aircraft flying lesson


Light aircraft are the standard small planes you see buzzing around the sky. They usually seat between two and four people, and common types include the Cessna 152 pictured above. Flights in a light aircraft are suitable for pretty much anyone. Starting at just £50, they’re a great option if you’re on a budget, and all our light aircraft flying lessons give you the chance to have a go at the controls if you wish. What’s more, they all count towards your Private Pilot’s Licence, so if your friend or relative decides to take their flying further after their lesson, they’re part of the way there already! Or how about a flight for two, this is ideal for a romantic couple or take the family flying.

Helicopter flying lessons

Learn to fly a Helicopter


A helicopter flying lesson is the perfect gift if you really want to splash out. By their very nature, they’re pricier than light aircraft (those moving bits don’t come cheap…), but the thrill of a helicopter flight is unforgettable. The helicopter shown here is the Robinson R22, but there’s a four-seat version too, meaning that your friend or relative might even be able to let you accompany them in the back seat if you want to.

Gliding lessons

Gliding Aerotow

Gliders look a bit like light aircraft, but they have very long wings and no engine or propeller; you can find out more about how gliders work here. Gliding is an experience anybody can enjoy, but we’d recommend going for a gliding aerotow voucher if you think your friend or relative might want a gentler experience; a winch launch is thrilling, but it’s not ideal for a nervous flyer as the climb rate is fast and steep. Gliding lessons start at just £49, so it’s a very affordable way of experiencing flight.  We also offer gliding courses for those whom you think might want to take up gliding; our gliding mini course gives you a half-day of gliding with four or five flights depending on the weather and how long each flight is. It’s a great introduction to learning to fly gliders, and many of our gliding clubs give you three months of free membership so that you can go back and fly again at club rates while you decide whether to join up.

Microlight flying lessons

Win a Microlight Flight

Microlight flying lessons are the perfect gift for those who are a little more adventurous. With their open cockpit, flying one feels more exposed than in other forms of flying, but it’s an experience like no other. It’s something a bit different, and from our microlight base here in the Midlands you’ll be able to see sights such as Warwick Castle and Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. You can fly a microlight for as little as £45, so it’s the perfect budget option.

Aerobatic experiences


Know someone who’s a bit of a thrill-seeker? Then our aerobatics experiences might be just the thing for them this Christmas. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, an aerobatic flight lets them experience some of the moves you normally see from the ground at airshows, such as rolls and loops. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but rollercoaster fans will love it!

Motorglider flights


Motorgliding is the ideal ‘best of both worlds’ experience, making it the one to go for if you can’t decide between gliding and light aircraft. A motorglider is a plane, with an engine and propeller, but it has long wings like a glider. On some of our motorglider flights, we can even turn the engine off mid-flight so that you get to experience both gliding and powered flight in the same experience.

Vintage aircraft flights

1000 Pixel Wide Yellow Moth Finals at Kemble

For those who are nostalgic about days gone by, our vintage aircraft flights take you back in time to the age of early aviation, when biplanes such as the De Havilland Tiger Moth ruled the skies. You can combine a vintage aircraft experience with a day out at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, or you could treat someone to a ‘Best of Both’ vintage and modern aircraft experience, which can include aerobatics if they want.

All our vouchers are valid for ten months, and you can choose between an e-voucher or a printed voucher, the latter presented in a gold envelope ready to go under the tree. If you order before the end of November, you can also take advantage of our special offer of 40% off half-hour light aircraft flights in the Midlands. Order yours now!


The perfect Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching (it’s on 15 June this year, in case you didn’t know), and we’ve created what we think you’ll agree is the perfect gift to treat your dad to this year. Our brand new Day Out at Duxford experience includes a 15-minute Tiger Moth flight and FREE entry to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, one of the best aviation museums in the country – even the world! For his flight, your dad will get to don a proper leather flying cap, goggles and jacket so that he can really feel the part, and even better, he’ll get half price entry to the museum for his family and friends, so you can go too!

In case you’re not sure what a Tiger Moth is, feast your eyes on these stunning photos courtesy of the aviation photographer Dave Briers at Air Frames Imaging. This gorgeous 1930s de Havilland biplane is one of the most popular planes in our Vintage Aircraft category, and it’s not hard to see why. They were used as training aircraft by the RAF until they were replaced by the Chipmunk in 1952, and with most now in private ownership, opportunities to fly in them are not to be missed.

500 Pixel Width Number 5 Flight of Moths

500 Pixel Width Moth Landing 2 crew

500 Pixel Width Green Moth Cockpit Close up

500 Pixel Width 2 Moths Taking Off

500 Pixel Wide Yellow Moth Finals at Kemble

Click here to buy your Father’s Day voucher now, and make sure you order by 12 June to get your voucher in time to give him an unforgettable Father’s Day this year!

Dave Briers, our aviation photographer, can be contacted on or 07507 643161 if you’re interested in getting a copy of any of these gorgeous Tiger Moth pics.