Aerial Photography

The Top 10 Most Awesome Flying Videos

The great thing about today’s camera technology is that it’s easier than ever before to capture memorable footage from the cockpit. Today we’re sharing our favourite videos taken by pilots, all of which show just how incredible the experience of flying is. In no particular order…

1. Flying is…
Filmed in America in a number of different terrains, this breathtaking video filmed in a light aircraft really captures the beauty of seeing the world from up above.

2. Why We Fly
This incredible video takes you on a sweeping aerial journey through the mountains of New Zealand.

3. Lauren Richardson – Airshows Promo 2015
It seems a while since we interviewed awesome aviatrix Lauren Richardson, but as this trailer shows, she’s still going from strength to strength performing drop-dropping aerobatics in her little red Pitts Special biplane.

4. Lord Sugar flies a Spitfire
If you read our post on celebrity pilots, you’ll know that Lord Sugar is a pilot. In this brilliant segment from The One Show, he takes to the skies in one of the most iconic vintage aircraft of all time – the Spitfire.

5. Gliding video
Messing around in high performance gliders – a bit more of a hair-raising gliding experience than most will ever have!

6. The Gliding Dream
If you needed any more proof of the awesomeness of gliding, check out this stunning video, which was filmed in the Alps.

7. Camera falls from a plane
This is what happens when you don’t hold on tightly enough to your camera when you’re out flying!

8. Gliding in the Snow
Another gliding video! This one shows how beautiful it can be to go flying in the winter.

9. Cabri G2 Flight Display
You can do aerobatics in helicopters too… though it’s best left to professionals like these guys!

10. Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level
Ever wondered what it would be like to fly the awesome flying machine that is the Eurofighter Typhoon? It’s a flight most of us can only dream of experiencing, but this video – filmed from the back seat – is the next best thing.

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Your chance to see history from the air

One of the great joys of flying is being able to spot historic places from the air. From stately homes surrounded by acres of landscaped gardens to earthworks highlighted in fields by the late afternoon sun, echoes of the past are everywhere and there’s always something interesting to see that you might not spot from the road. Today, we share some of our favourite photos we’ve captured on flights around the south of the UK.

Best known for its world-leading university, the historic city of Oxford is just as magnificent from the air as it is on the ground. Its dreaming spires and beautifully manicured college lawns are easy to spot from the air, as are its most distinctive landmarks. The round building is the Radcliffe Camera, part of the Bodleian Library (where parts of Harry Potter were filmed).

Aerial view of Carfax Tower


This imposing stately home is Cliveden in Buckinghamshire, once the home of Nancy Astor. It’s now a luxury hotel, but its gardens are managed by the National Trust.


Medieval field systems

Ridge and furrow is the term used to describe the ridges you can see in fields, and is what’s left of Medieval field systems. In days gone by, individual families would manage their own ridges, with the crop planted along the top of it and drainage ditches either side. This farming technique has left a distinctive mark on the landscape, and it’s visible in numerous fields across the country, particularly in Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

Charlecote Park
Nestled alongside Wellesbourne Airfield is Charlecote Park, a beautiful National Trust house surrounded by a deer park in which Shakespeare is alleged to have been caught poaching.


The Castle Inn
The Castle Inn was built as a folly on a spot commemorating an important moment in the Battle of Edgehill. The Castle has commanding views over the surrounding countryside, where the battle took place. It’s recently been refurbished, and makes the perfect place for a spot of lunch after one of our gliding experiences at the nearby gliding club.


Sezincote House

Sezincote is an unusual stately home in Gloucestershire. Its distinctive look is inspired by the 16th and 17th century architecture of the Mughal empire.


Longleat House
Longleat House in Wiltshire is the subject of the long-running TV series Animal Park, presented by Kate Humble and Ben Fogle. In this photo, which we snapped last summer, you get a great view of this stunning Elizabethan manor house and its immaculate lawns. To the right is the pleasure lake, the island of which is home to the safari park’s gorillas.


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UK Floods: Worcester

As the people of Oxford woke to find our photos from Monday on the front cover of the Oxford Mail this morning, Lee and I took advantage of a brief break in the weather to get up in the motorglider and capture these dramatic images of the floods in Worcester. Worcester has been much in the news this week, with river levels at a record high and road closures leading to huge traffic problems on the roads into the city. If you’re a journalist and you’d like to use any of these images, please get in touch regarding higher resolution, non-watermarked versions. If you’d like to go flying to see the floods yourself, please click here to buy a voucher and we’ll email you an e-voucher for immediate booking.

This shot shows a view over the badly flooded racecourse towards Worcester city centre.


The main bridge is closed and you can see the build-up of debris washed down the river on this side of the bridge. On the right, you can see part of the cricket ground (there’s a better picture of this below).


Another view of the main bridge, which gives a better impression of how badly affected the nearby properties have been.


This shot shows just how swollen the river is. On the horizon you can see the snow-capped Malvern Hills.


Looking back towards town.


This photo shows the submerged cricket ground, with the main bridge behind it showing just how high the water is.


A close-up of the cricket ground with the main bridge behind it.



This one shows the racecourse. You can see how deep the water is by the fact that the railings are barely sticking out above the surface.


There was a lot of very slow traffic on the Worcester bypass, which currently looks more like a long bridge over the water.


There were long tailbacks caused by the bridge closure in the city centre.




This church – St Denys’ in Severn Stoke – was marooned.



On days like today, you can see why this section of the M5 is a bridge.


The curving line of the trees shows where the river should be.


Another caravan park and farm fallen victim to the rising water.


Tewkesbury is still badly flooded, its Abbey still sitting on an island of water.



UK Floods: Oxford Still Underwater – February 2014

Oxford floods as downpours continue

More dramatic pictures from our Air Experiences aircraft flying over Oxford City Centre on Monday 10th February 2014.

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River Thames from Wolvercote to Swimford

Magdalen College

Abingdon Road

Abingdon Road, Allotments

University Boat Houses


View taken from the south towards Botley Road
Oxford Floods

Botley Road with Port Meadow in the distance
Oxford Floods



UK Floods: Oxford under water

Oxford is the latest casualty of the spate of flooding, and having flown over there on Sunday to capture these photos, we thought we’d head back over there today to see how the situation had worsened.

Both Botley Road and Abingdon Road are closed and under water, but Abingdon Road looks more dramatic from the air.


In this close-up of the allotments, you can see just how much floodwater now lies on people’s carefully tended vegetable patches.


The railway tracks on the Oxford to Didcot/London line are flooded…


…but we spotted this Virgin train still gingerly trying to get through the flooding anyway.

Oxford train

Seen from a different angle, you can also see the backdrop of pylons wading through water.


The boathouses were also flooded, with the water having risen significantly closer to Christ Church since Sunday.


Finally, on the way home, we spotted this badly-affected farm near Otmoor.


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UK Floods – Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon

We’ve been flying again today, and we’ve taken some more photos of the floods that are still plaguing the country. With Oxford on flood alert, we flew there first and saw that the river is perilously high.

These allotments in Oxford were inundated with flood water.

Flooded allotments in Oxford

Here you can see the water creeping closer to Christ Church College in Oxford.

Christ Church Meadow, Oxford, in flood

In this one you can see the extent of the flooding in Port Meadow.

Port Meadow, Oxford in flood

We felt sorry for the owners of these static caravans near the Farmoor Reservoir.

Flooded caravan park near Oxford

After that we flew to Stratford-upon-Avon and saw that the racecourse was flooded.

Stratford racecourse flooded

We were glad this wasn’t our house.

Flooded house

Here’s another view of Stratford racecourse.

Stratford racecourse flooded

We leave you with this image showing the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. As you can see, the water is now very high and on the verge of bursting its banks.
Royal Shakespeare Theatre


UK Floods: Aerial Views

The run-up to Christmas was a busy time for us here at Air Experiences, with lots of orders coming in for Christmas presents and our light aircraft flights proving particularly popular. On the last weekend before Christmas we had stalls at Christmas markets in Sutton Coldfield and Leamington Spa, providing ideal last-minute Christmas pressies for those who’d left it late. With all the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle we didn’t have much time for flying, so we were delighted to be able to take to the skies again on Boxing Day and again today. We flew over to Gloucestershire to get an aerial view of the dramatic flooding that has beleaguered parts of the UK this Christmas, with Tewkesbury being particularly badly affected. Here are some photos from our flights, which have sparked a lot of interest on social media and seen us featured in the Daily Mail, ITV News and the Gloucestershire Echo.

UK Floods - Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire floods

Flooded Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury flooded

UK floods - caravan park

Flooded house

UK floods