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Not sure what flight to buy? Browse all our experiences and take your pick from light aircraft, gliders, helicopters, microlights, vintage aircraft and even aerobatics.

Gliding Winch Launch
Gliding Winch Launch

An exhilarating and affordable introduction to gliding, with exciting acceleration and a steep take-off angle.

Flying Lesson – 15 minutes

The perfect taster flight, this short flying lesson is a great introduction to the thrill of flying.

Helicopter Taster Flight - Coming Soon
Helicopter Pleasure Flight

Get a glimpse into what it’s like to fly a helicopter with this exciting and affordable taster flight.

Motorglider experience
Flying Lesson – Best of Both – 20 minutes

Can’t decide between powered aircraft or gliding? Why not try both all in the same flight!

Gliding Aerotow – 2,000ft

A sedate flight, pulled into the air by an aeroplane to 2,000ft for a gentler experience.

30 Minute Best of Both Motorgliding Experience
Flying Lesson – Best of Both – 30 minutes

Can’t decide whether you’d prefer a powered flight or gliding? You can do both and be airborne for longer!

Gliding Aerotow
Gliding Aerotow – 3,000ft

Get more time in the air and more hands-on flying time with this higher aerotow option.

Wellesbourne Flying
Flying Lesson – 30 minutes

This half-hour flight gives you enough time to enjoy the scenery and have a go at the controls.

25 Minute Aerobatic Flight
Aerobatics – 25 minutes

Feel the G force with this exciting introduction to aerobatics, and experience a loop and roll.

duxford_title page2
Fly a Tiger Moth & Day Out at IWM Duxford

Treat someone to a day they’ll never forget with this all-day aviation experience at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

35 Minute Aerobatic Flight
Aerobatics – 35 minutes

Enjoy the thrill of a rollercoaster ride without the rails on this extended aerobatic flight!

Flying Lesson – 60 minutes

This hour-long flight gives you more time to learn to fly and admire the views.

20 Minute Tiger Moth Flight
Tiger Moth – 20 minutes

A 20-minute introduction to the stunning Tiger Moth.
Fly from Gloucester

Half Day Gliding Course

Relax by spending half a day on an airfield and learning to fly!

Gliding in the Mountains
Gliding in the Mountains (mini-course)

Enjoy gliding in the stunning landscape of the Black Mountains in Wales. And learn to fly too!

Gliding Mini Course
Gliding Course

Enjoy half a day of gliding and plenty of time at the controls with this gliding mini course.

30 Minute Helicopter Flight
Helicopter Flight – 30 Minutes

Enjoy the views and try out the controls for yourself on this half hour helicopter flying lesson.

60 Minute Aerobatic Flight
Aerobatics – 60 minutes

The ultimate aerobatic flight, this hour-long lesson will enable you to fly an entire aerobatic display sequence.

30 Minute Tiger Moth Flight
Tiger Moth – 30 minutes

Half an hour in a stunning Tiger Moth bi-plane.
Fly from Gloucester

Dragon Rapide
Dragon Rapide – Cambridge Historic Houses

Take to the skies on a sight-seeing flight in an original Dragon Rapide passenger biplane.

60 Minute Helicopter Flight
Helicopter Flight – 60 Minutes

A comprehensive introduction to flying helicopters, this longer experience makes the perfect gift.

Gliding Day Course

An amazing chance to experience the atmosphere of a WW2 airfield and up to 8 flights in a glider.

4 seater 1200
Flight for two people

This experience is for two people to fly together in a light aircraft, and the whole experiences takes approximately one hour.