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Want us to market your gift experiences for you? We’d love to!

We’re always happy to have new clubs and schools on board and we’d be delighted to talk with you about featuring your trial lessons and courses on our site.

If it’s aviation-related, we’ll consider it (even if it’s not on our site yet!): ¬†planes, gliders, helicopters, microlights, vintage, hot air balloons, sky diving, simulators, hang gliding… you name it really.

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We’re aviators too!¬†

This makes us uniquely different from our competition, as we understand how clubs operate (Lee has many years of airfield management experience). We also know how to bring customers to our market (Rachel has Google qualifications in search engine advertising).

Try us – it’s not going to cost you anything! We take care of all the marketing and bring customers to you, then all you need to do is invoice us for the flights and we will pay you straight away by bank transfer.

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