About Us

Rachel and LeeLee Ingram is a commercial pilot with over 25 years of flying and airfield management. After many years of seeing members of the public and flying schools being taken for a ride by voucher companies, Lee founded Air Experiences in 2013 with the main aim of offering affordable experiences and helping flying schools across the country.

Here at Air Experiences we’re all passionate about flying and pilots – so we know what we’re talking about. We hope to give more people an affordable way of giving the gift of flight, or just trying out this exciting sport for themselves.

All our staff fly several times a week when the weather lets us, and we love landing at different airfields and chatting with all our lovely suppliers.

Lee Ingram

Lee Ingram is a commercial pilot, holding an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence with 3,000 flying hours under his belt. Starting gliding at the tender age of 17, becoming a flying instructor by the age of 19, and going on to gain his Private and then Commercial Pilot’s Licence, flying is Lee’s biggest passion in life and there isn’t much he hasn’t flown. Having managed several airfields, Lee became frustrated with the big voucher companies and the poor deals he felt they offered both suppliers and customers – and so the idea for Air Experiences was born.

In a previous life, Lee was a TV director and worked with Roland Rat and Sooty and Sweep. The best air experience he’s ever had was flying his Duo Discus glider up to 16,000ft.




Rachel McCombieRachel Ingram started learning to fly at university, when she joined the Oxford University Gliding Club. She’s then converted to powered aircraft and holds a Private Pilot’s Licence, flying motorgliders and single engine piston aircraft. She’s now learning to fly helicopters. She’s experienced in copywriting, online marketing and social media, skills she brings to Air Experiences.

The best air experience she’s ever had was flying solo for the first time, in an old RAF motorglider. Rachel can be found at her local airfield most weekends, and it’s her ambition to try every form of flying (except BASE jumping!).